“Without a scout ahead, the best of generals will march his army straight over a cliff”

Max de Vietri, Principal Adviser

About Us

Founded in 2013 and based in Perth, Western Australia, the southern hemisphere’s mining and petroleum capital, we are a socio-political advisory group working with African governments and foreign enterprises in natural resources and related industries. Our goal is to be a leading adviser to foreign operators and African governments and to optimise effective relationships between them.

As independent advisers, we work with individuals and organisations interested in working on the African continent and also with African governments keen to attract investment and commercial activity to their countries.

Our advisers are well respected resource industry, business and diplomatic professionals who understand the intricacies of the economic, social and political landscape of African nations. Our team is adept at dealing with African countries and navigating their intricate cultural and socio-political obstacles.

We have gained a reputation for being trusted, efficient collaborators, who provide sound commercial advice to business and governments and we have cultivated strong relationships in several countries that facilitate access to and dialogue with host governments.

We have a proven track record of dedicated advisory work and long-term support in natural resources projects that have assisted in positive outcomes for government and industry.

Adding to our expertise are the large networks and communication channels we’ve established, vital for business success.

For business, we:

  • provide focused intelligence to enable foreign organisations to understand the specific economic, social and political environments of the African country in which they wish to operate.
  • give expert advice from board level to hands-on ground-level throughout all stages of a project from formation, implementation, monitoring and fine-tuning to project completion.

For African governments, we:

  • help promote business opportunities within a country to international companies and investors
  • assist with government and company/investor interaction from country entry to project decommissioning