“We share a passion for contributing to economic, social and political processes and empowerment of the African people to steer their own development.”

Gary Jeffery, Adviser


Our analysts come with diverse professional and cultural backgrounds and combine to create a deep resource of knowledge on the economic, social and political landscape of the African continent.

Ricardo Garzon

Graduate degree in Industrial Engineering (F J de Caldas, Colombia) and MSc in Minerals and Energy Economics (Curtin University). Petroleum and mining business and operational experience. Dual Colombian-Australian citizen who has lived and/or worked in different countries in Africa, South America and Asia. Native Spanish speaker, fluent in English.

Albert Fengyu Fu

Graduate in Mining Engineering (WA School of Mines) and studying for a Master of Commerce in Finance & Logistics Management at the University of Western Australia. Experience in mining operations, business negotiation and supply chain management in China and Australia. Native Mandarin speaker, fluent in English.