“We help foreign enterprises understand the social landscape in Africa and navigate the political hurdles.”

Eve Howell, Senior Adviser

Approach & Values

Our collective experience and expertise is our strength and has given us an insight into the key social, political and economic issues of concern in the emerging economies in Africa. However, despite our close relationships with several East and West African countries, we do not have a particular agenda when we advise and consult. We do not promote our personal views, nor do we influence the formulation of government policies. We also do not seek to gain from the agendas and objectives we encourage foreign companies to adopt when entering an African country.


African Geopolitics considers all aspects of government-corporate interactions in the pursuit of achieving the objectives of all stakeholders, from government policy reviews to economic project modelling.

Our Values


African Geopolitics remains neutral across politics, ideologies and disciplines and works objectively with governments of all types, and corporate entities, from all corners of the globe.

Mutual Rewards

We believe the fundamental drivers in any project must be a balance of rewards between the commercial entity, the host government and the local and regional communities. In the pursuit of long term success, we support a balance between business achievements, host government’s plans for national development and local communities’ well-being.

Ethics and Integrity

When working with government and commercial entities, we remember that transparency, client-orientation, ethics, integrity and corporate responsibility cannot be compromised.