“We focus on optimising effective business relationships between companies/investors and African governments in natural resources and related industries.”

Dr Max de Vietri

Principal Adviser

Dr de Vietri has almost 40 years’ experience in mining and petroleum exploration and production in over 50 countries, including 26 in Africa. His association with Africa began in the late seventies when he worked in Burkina Faso between 1978 and 1981. Raised in France before migrating to Australia, his native language skills have stood him in good stead particularly when he’s been based in French speaking African locations.


During his career, Max has been involved in or responsible for major mineral and petroleum discoveries in Africa as well as in South America, Australia and SE Asia and has managed projects from country entry, through mining and petroleum production, to country exit. In recent years, he has served on the boards of listed and private petroleum and mineral companies.


In 2005, Max founded Baraka Petroleum Limited and listed it on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). He served as Managing Director and subsequently Non-Executive Chairman until he resigned in 2009 to pursue further fulltime studies. Baraka Petroleum was focused on the West African countries of Mauritania and Mali where large acreage tracts were held.


His pioneering efforts precipitated a petroleum rush of major and junior companies to explore in those countries. In 2006 Max was honoured with the award of Officer of the Order of National Merit for the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, acknowledging his efforts in championing Mauritania’s resources potential.


Postgraduate research studies in international affairs beginning in 2008, together with his international experience, reinforced his interest in the social and political impact of natural resource projects on emerging countries, and especially West African states.


Dr de Vietri served as Consul for the Republic of Mali in Perth, from mid-2005 to April 2016. The experience helped him formulate the concept of establishing African Geopolitics in 2012, aimed at assisting in the development of economic projects, fruitful for both commercial venturers and African governments. His driving vision is of improving the economic development of African states for the wellbeing of their people.


Max has Bachelor of Science in Applied Geology from the University of NSW (1975) and a Graduate Diploma of Business from Curtin University of Technology (1988). More recently, he was awarded a Master in International Relations (2010) and a PhD in Social Science and International Studies (2015, Chancellor’s commendation) from Curtin University.