“We focus on optimising effective business relationships between companies/investors and African governments in natural resources and related industries.”

Max de Vietri, Principal Advisor

Gary Jeffery


Mr Jeffery has over 43 years’ experience in petroleum and mining exploration, development and production in over 40 countries, including 35 in Africa. His association with Africa began in 1974, supervising seismic data acquisition in the remote deserts of Niger.


His energy experience has included wind turbines, solar, solar thermal, hydro, gas-fired, coal-fired, and diesel power generation. He has farming experience, including maize and cattle feed cropping, dairy, beef and general animal husbandry and viticulture and has experienced first-hand self-sufficient, small-crop farming.


He was Managing Director of Kasese Cobalt Company Limited, a Ugandan public company, from 1999 to 2002. This involved dealing with and reporting performance to the International Finance Corporation, French Development Bank Proparco and the European Investment Bank as well as commercial lender banks and JV participants in a base-metals recovery project in western Uganda. His experience extended to using part of the interest on project development loans for the enhancement of local communities through road works, access bridges for school children and scoping and establishment of Medical Centres in remote areas.


He has been responsible for implementation of internationally funded local aid programs. He has met and liaised with high ranking officials in Africa including senior bureaucrats, senior finance, security, local and national government advisers, international diplomats and politicians up to National President.


He has had first-hand dealings with employment and training issues for local employees, project development financing, insurance and energy supply including renewable energy, and other supply chain issues, gas pipeline system design, transport and sale of commodities across national borders, communications and transport from remote areas, environmental, security and safety issues including emergency response planning, health and workforce medical issues from Malaria to Ebola.


He has extensive business development and negotiation experience in diverse geographies and is an experienced public speaker and communicator with cultural sensitivity and proven government relations skills.


Gary graduated from the University of New England with a Bachelor of Science Degree (First Class Honours in Geophysics and Geology).