“We help businesses maximise productivity and achieve project success and our experience allows us to give sound trade and investment advice”

Jon Richardson, Senior Adviser

Company Services

Assisting and advising individuals and organisations outside Africa to work successfully on the African continent
  • Establish an on-the-ground presence in an African country and build relationships with government officials, local business people and other potential stakeholders


  • Gather information and create knowledge databases through dedicated, on-the-ground research to develop social and political insight


  • Produce proprietary in-depth reports and in-house advice based on data gathered in the field


  • Assist in the selection of strategic options such as country entry based on prospectivity and political and economic profiling


  • Assist in interfacing with government and acquiring an in-country presence


  • Provide guidance in the formulation of context-relevant tactical stages


  • Provide timely and effective advice in negotiation of agreements and contracts


  • Provide ongoing examination of the socio-political landscape and advice on social or political instability


  • Support and monitor commercial entity and government interaction from country entry to project decommissioning or country exit


  • Assist with country exit strategies with engagement of local communities and regional and national governments