“Our contact base is built on decades of in-country involvement”

Eve Howell, Senior Adviser

Government Services

Assisting and advising African governments keen to attract investment and commercial activity to their countries

  • Assist in the introduction of new investors
  • Assist with interaction with industry to optimise understanding , foster sustainable partnerships and deliver equitable long-term outcomes that benefit the country and its citizens, as well as meeting commercial objectives of industry
  • Guide the evaluation and monitoring of corporate operations
  • Assist in building technical capability of the government
  • Advise on progress of projects
  • Support and monitor government and company interaction from country entry to project decommissioning or country exit including communication, negotiation and adjustments of activities/agreements/objectives as projects evolve
  • Undertake research for a particular government in order to assist in the management of its regulatory environment to continue to attract foreign investment
  • Provide timely and effective advice in negotiation of agreements and contracts