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Max de Vietri, Principal Adviser


Links to periodicals, news sites and industry and academic associations relevant to Africa and its geopolitics

Jeune Afrique

Un premier journal sur l’actualité africaine : politique, économie, sport, société, culture… Retrouvez toute l’actualité, pays par pays

African Professionals of Australia Ltd

A professional association creating a community of African Australians who excel personally & professionally, and positively impact the community.

The Africa Report

Online reporting on political, economic and social news articles in Africa.


French international radio with 24-hour broadcasting of African news and commentaries in French and English

Australian Institute of International Affairs

An Australian independent, non-profit organisation seeking to promote interest in and understanding of international affairs in Australia.

Mali Web

Online website for daily Malian news updates.

BBC News – Africa

Online website for continuously updated Africa news.


A nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC with mission is to conduct research provide recommendations that advance American concerns.


An alternate website for American daily news feed.

The Conversation – Australia

An alternate website for Australian daily news feed.

ABC News in 90 Seconds

Australian televised news in 90 seconds.